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The committee and the membership of the Friends of the Manx Diabetic in the Isle of Man welcomes you to their website and hope that you will from time to time visit us again.

Better still, if you are accessing the website from off the Island, maybe at some time in the future you could come to the Isle of Man, the Jewel in the Irish Sea, that is a finance sector second to none.

The Friends of the Manx Diabetic were set up to help medical carers who look after diabetics in the Isle of Man. The organisers with the help of their many friends and medical carers felt that there was a need for a group to be formed, so that monies donated by the generosity of the people and their many friends off Island, should be exclusively spent on the Island unless the donor requested otherwise in writing.
That is the mandate of the group.

The members felt that monies going off Island would at this stage be more productively spent on equipment for the Children’s Ward and the Manx Diabetes Centre and surgeries that would be of direct benefit for our diabetic children and island diabetics

For those that are unawares of our situation, the Isle of Man is a nation in its own right. The founder members of the group felt that our people must come first, and with our objective, though the purchase of equipment for our own diabetes carers, we would play our part in indirectly helping our carers in trying to prevent complications to the Manx diabetic patient.

We are a fund raising group so that monies are available for our objectives to be realised. On this website you will find amongst other information, our activities, a complete constitution with the objectives of the Friends of the Manx Diabetes Centre in addition to our newsletter, and many other interesting facts

There is no cure for diabetes and the complications of diabetes have to be recognised and monitored as soon as possible so that no permanent damage occurs to the diabetic patient. We must also realise that this condition at present is for life.

Diabetes is a major drain on the financial allocation for health of all governments, and it is expected that diabetes sufferers will have doubled by the year 2010.

The Isle of Man Government realised this, and the DHSS department under the guidance of previous Health and Social Security Minister, Mrs Clare Christian, were fully aware of this problem, consequently, she made sure that our Manx Diabetes Centre, with its multidisciplinary team was transferred to the new Noble’s Hospital. The excellent facilities she has provided at the new Diabetes Centre, with its professional and dedicated multi-disciplinary team, is the envy of other Diabetes Centres in the United Kingdom.

Your help is therefore of the utmost importance. We call on all who make use of the Manx Diabetes Centre, our friends who are not diabetic and all those that visit our website to join us in this venture, our diabetic medical teams need your support.

We respectively ask for your help with donations, legacies and membership collaboration.

The Friends of the Manx Diabetic will at all times put diabetics and their medical carers first

The Friends of the Manx Diabetic guarantee no monies will be sent off Island.

Once again thank you for visiting our website.
We hope that you can visit us again, at your convenience, sometime in the future
Many thanks.


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