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The Newsletter of the Friends of the Manx Diabetes Centre

Caarjyn Laare Chingys-Shugyr Vannin
Registered as a charity in the Isle of Man. Charity registration number 894
Website: - E-mail: - E-mail: -
All monies from whatever source received by the Group shall be exclusively spent on the Isle of Man, in the furtherance of the well-being of the diabetic patient
and to facilitate the work of their medical carers.


Chairman of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Committee, Mr. Tony Brown,
Speaker of the House, talks to the Diabetic .

Possibility of Isle of Man Research Project

Blood Testing day Statistics: - Estimated 2,000 walking around don't know they have diabetes, Estimated 21,000 with potential high blood pressure, Estimated 51,500 overweight.


In this issue

  • Dr Khan and Pakistan
  • E-mail
  • The Disabled parking debate
  • What is happening to our Disability Law
  • The Christmas Message
  • Wanted
  • Effective Diabetes Management
  • The Goose offering
  • Christmas Traditions and where they came from
  • DisabledGo
  • The Pneumo Jab
  • You think you have Petrol problems?
  • The Obesity Update
  • Diabetes Nursing Service
  • The Budding Journalist
  • The Chairman's Report
  • The last Laugh

Feegans Lounge
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Feegan's Lounge

The Hot Spot Deli Café
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Happy Christmas to all

Dr Khan and Pakistan

With the devastating events unfolding in Pakistan The Diabetic decided to interview Dr Emran Khan the Consultant Physician, Diabetologist and Endocrinologist at the Manx Diabetes Centre, who has family and friends back home.

The Presentation in the UK .

Dr Emran Khan & Mrs Zarmina Khan with the Manx Flag and the representative of Edhi International Foundation UK .

Just imagine, the death toll in Pakistan is now over 85,000 people.



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