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The Newsletter of the Friends of the Manx Diabetes Centre

Caarjyn Laare Chingys-Shugyr Vannin
Registered as a charity in the Isle of Man. Charity registration number 894
Website: - www.diabetes.org.im E-mail: - editor@diabetes.org.im E-mail: - secretary@diabetes.org.im
All monies from whatever source received by the Group shall be exclusively spent on the Isle of Man, in the furtherance of the well-being of the diabetic patient
and to facilitate the work of their medical carers.

Chairman at AGM calls for no diminution in the role of the Manx Diabetes Centre to accommodate reverting to the old ways of “Care in the Community”

Since the advent of the Manx Diabetes Centre in 2000, 65 babies including 4 sets of twins have been born to diabetic women that have been looked after during their pregnancy at the Centre .

8,760 Patient appointments were issued for all disciplines to the Manx Diabetes Centre during 2005.


In This Issue

  • The Director of Health, Strategy and Performance of the DHSS.
  • Diabetes and the Pregnant Woman
  • The Manx Radio Interview
  • Audit of Blood Glucose Meters
  • The Coffee Morning
  • The New Disability Bill.
  • The Friends of the Glens
  • Presentation to the Manx Diabetes Centre
  • Updates
  • New Art Therapist for Disabled Children.
  • English as she is spoken
  • The Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Committee Public Meeting.
  • AGM
  • Disabled Facilities
  • The Last Laugh

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The Director of Health, Strategy and Performance of the DHSS

The Friends of the Manx Diabetes Centre were very pleased and honoured to welcome Mr Norman McGregor Edwards as their guest speaker at their Annual General Meeting on 4 th May last.

Mr Norman McGregor Edwards

Mr McGregor Edwards replaced Mr John Wilson at the DHSS in October 2005 with the post of Head of Health Services being abolished and re-titled as Director of Health, Strategy and Performance.



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