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The Newsletter of the Friends of the Manx Diabetes Centre

Caarjyn Laare Chingys-Shugyr Vannin
Registered as a charity in the Isle of Man. Charity registration number 894
Website: - E-mail: - E-mail: -
All monies from whatever source received by the Group shall be exclusively spent on the Isle of Man, in the furtherance of the well-being of the diabetic patient
and to facilitate the work of their medical carers.
We have been granted Charity Status by the Charity Commissioners.
Our Charity number is 894

Approximately 9 Million pounds spent on new equipment for Noble’s.
The Minister Mrs. Clare Christian tells “The Diabetic” new Noble’s is designed for excellence and our legacy to future generations.

531 patients had retinal photography at the Manx Diabetes Centre in 2002,
898 patients will have retinal photography in 2003

We go high tech. You can now make donations or join the Group through their website the Friends of the Manx Diabetes Centre at


In This Issue

Christmas Message by our Trustee The Rev. John Guilford on this festive occasion

Dr Emran Khan a Profile

Interview with Dr Geoffrey Gill during his visit to the Island

Linkage on our Website

Blood Testing Day at Ramsey

Christmas Musical Evening

Interview with the Dieticians at the Manx Diabetes Centre

Three recipes for Christmas

The Prosthesis Department

Phantom Pains

How to know if your child is obese

The Painting evening

On a lighter Note

God has a telephone number on the Isle of Man

Why oh Why

You too can contribute to the Newsletter

On our travels


Events for the next quarter

Update of the year

Thank you for 2003


Christmas Message by our Trustee the Rev. John Guilford.


As the festive season is upon us the Editor asked our Trustee, the Rev. John Guilford for his Christmas message.

The Rev John Guilford

The Rev John Guilford


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