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The Newsletter of the Friends of the Manx Diabetes Centre

Caarjyn Laare Chingys-Shugyr Vannin
Registered as a charity in the Isle of Man. Charity registration number 894
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All monies from whatever source received by the Group shall be exclusively spent on the Isle of Man, in the furtherance of the well-being of the diabetic patient
and to facilitate the work of their medical carers.
We have been granted Charity Status by the Charity Commissioners.
Our Charity number is 894

Approximately 9 Million pounds spent on new equipment for Noble’s.
The Minister Mrs. Clare Christian tells “The Diabetic” new Noble’s is designed for excellence and our legacy to future generations.

531 patients had retinal photography at the Manx Diabetes Centre in 2002,
898 patients will have retinal photography in 2003

We go high tech. You can now make donations or join the Group through their website the Friends of the Manx Diabetes Centre at


In this issue

Tony Blair, a decision, if taken, may affect all diabetics on the Island .

The Friends of the Manx Diabetes Centre organizing an Obesity Forum Debate in conjunction with the Isle of Man Obesity Forum.

Public Health Directorate A Joint venture

Annual General Meeting on Thursday 6 th May next at Keyll Daree

Flag Day in Douglas on Saturday 22 nd May

Mrs Julie Maddrell, Podiatrist Manx Diabetes Centre.

Our first donation through our Website

Mr Paul Shields Noble's Hospital Manager Speaks to the “Diabetic”

Update on the Prosthesis Department

Obesity in Man, an interview with Dr P. Emerson Consultant in Public Health Medicine with the IOM Public Health Directorate.

Christmas Musical Evening.

On a lighter note

Church Parish Notice Boards


United States : - A leaked document

Weight loss operation cures diabetic

Events .

The Budding Journalist: John Collins



It has come to our notice that the British Government in their efforts to save money and introduce another stealth tax, are contemplating certain ideas that will adversely impact on diabetics in the UK .

As we all know, whatever the UK or the EEC does our Government follows suit.

The Chairman of the Friends of the Manx Diabetes Centre has asked the “Diabetic” to fire the first salvo across the bows of the DHSS, just in case they even dare to contemplate any ideas of following in the footsteps of the UK Health Authority, if the Blair Government finally decides to take this route.

The Chairman wants the DHSS to be fully aware that over the past twenty years he and his friends have been instrumental in dragging the DHSS from keeping the Manx diabetic in the dark ages of diabetes to its present day service of excellence, for which he thanks them.

However the Chairman puts on notice the DHSS that he and his friends will not tolerate any DHSS diminution in the Services or benefits provided at present for diabetics on the Isle of Man. We shall not tolerate any ideas that our DHSS may follow Blair's Government, just to save money, to the detriment of our Manx diabetic population.

The Chairman of the Friends of the Manx Diabetes Centre, has told the Newsletter that he will ensure, with the help of his friends in the House, that the DHSS in the Isle of Man will have to abide by the much trumpeted ideals claimed by the present Isle of Man Government that they are a caring Government. We do not as yet want to say what this is all about but we know that they know what we are taking about.

The Chairman of the Friends of the Manx Diabetes Centre wants the DHSS to fully understand that they will not get away with it if they dare to try it.


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